All Natural Weight Management
01 / 17 / 18

All Natural Weight Management: A Functional Medicine Approach

Losing weight, maintaining your ideal weight, and living a consistently healthy lifestyle are not easy goals to achieve. In a world saturated with toxins, chemicals, processed food, and temptations, you may find yourself needing the support of health professionals in order to reach your goals and improve your overall wellness.

Rather than bouncing between fad diets or trusting a miracle diet pill, look to all natural weight management for your solution. Unlike other weight management programs that merely minimize your appetite, cut your calories, and hope for the best, an all natural functional medicine approach to weight loss gets to the root of your body’s needs and supports it accordingly.

Restore Balance to Your Body’s Physiological Processes

The physiological processes that take place in your body every single second have an enormous influence on your health and wellness. If your physiological processes are no longer in balance, you will feel the consequences through weight gain, fatigue, and other health conditions. This is why a well-rounded functional medicine approach to weight management is so essential.

Components of All Natural Weight Management

The first component of this type of weight management involves a nutritional evaluation using lab tests and analysis for support. The specific data obtained from those tests is used to create customized dietary recommendations and IV or Injection Therapy protocol. In other words, your doctor will help uncover which foods will balance your body and mind. Injection or IV Therapy and Nutritional supplements are used to support your new eating habits.

Most people who begin all natural weight management make the transition to a Ketogenic or Mediterranean diet that is high in healthy fat, fish, and vegetables. The food that you eat is one of the greatest influencers of your overall health! Furthermore, healthier eating habits and use of supplements will help to balance your intestinal microbial flora. These “good” bacteria are the core of your immune system, so as your gut flora becomes balanced you will automatically become healthier and more energetic.

At its core, the all natural functional medicine approach to weight management is designed to carefully consider your history, lifestyle habits, laboratory tests, nutrition, and goals in order to get to the root of your body’s needs. A combination of supplements, strategic food choices, and professional support will help you restore balance to your body and begin to thrive.

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